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Nail Technician

Advanced Nail Technician

Belle Academy of Cosmetology Advanced Nail Technician Program

Includes the OPI Nail Tech Kit above and Milady Text Book and Theory Work Book.

1. The total curriculum shall not be less than 100 hours of instruction.

2. The first 50 hours must be devoted to instruction in the theoretical aspects of all content areas. Practical instruction can be included in this first 50 hours but supervised practice on a clinic floor cannot.

3. The remaining 50 hours are to be devoted to supervised practice integrated with ongoing theoretical and practical instruction.

Our  Advanced Nail Class are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5-9pm. Cost is $3,799.00 with a deposit of $650.00 weekly payments are $394.00 for 8 weeks, No Interest. 8 week program, 100 hours

A 75% average in attendance and academics must be maintained for a Certificate / Diploma.

Please come in for a tour so we can get you started on your new career.

Limited Seating Available, a Deposit of $650.00 before the start of Class to ensure Text books and OPI Nail kit.

Come to Belle Academy of Cosmetology and experience the "Belle advantage" for yourself.