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Makeup Artistry

Makeup Artistry Program - Currently there are no Makeup classes being offered for 2021 due to Covid restrictions.

Creating fashion-ready makeup for special occasions, proms, weddings, and runway shows requires a specific background in understanding complimentary colors for varying skin tones, facial features and more. Belle Academy of Cosmetology develops your makeup skills and educates you on the various colors, tones and shades that suit any client perfectly.

Total class hours are 40.

Cost is $2,199.00 with a $650.00 Deposit. This includes Kit and Textbooks. Weekly payments are $258.00 with no interest. You will receive a Diploma/Certificate that is recognized by the State of CT Department of Health. Seating is limited so call 203-528-0200 for your spot. Deposits need to be in ASAP so that Kit and Textbooks will be available for the first day of class. We use the Milady Standard Makeup Theory and Text Book for every Student which has 20 chapters.

It does not qualify for financial aid; however our Makeup program has a payment plan with 0% interest.

Program cost     $2,199.00

Deposit                $650.00

Balance                $1,549.00

Divided over 6 weeks for a weekly payment of $258.00 per week.

Makeup Program Classes start: No classes for 2021 due to Covid restrictions.

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