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Financial Aid


Ways to Finance your Education at Belle Academy of Cosmetology to get you started on a career.

  1. Get Financial Aid at

  2. Borrow from yourself. (Savings, CDs, 40K, home equity, etc)

  3. 0% interest credit card.

  4. Credit Union where you or you spouse or partner work. Interest tends to be lower.

  5. Bank Loan with the bank you currently do business with.

  6. Credit Card with interest.

  7. Finance Company. (You will want to pay this off quickly because of their interest rates.)

  8. Borrow from a friend or relative.

  9. Sell something large you no longer use (motorcycle, 4-wheeler, car, piano, furniture, tag sale, etc.)

  10. Apply for a PELL GRANT for the Cosmetology / Barbering Program --  Apply using Belle Academy of Cosmetology #04224 as your school. Course Cost Info.

Financial Resources...